-A Letter To My Daughter-

Dear Charlotte,

Sometimes I wish I could change the past, but other times I know I made the right decision for myself. I have learned and grown from you. I became a mother. My life and the way I look at myself has changed dramatically. You changed me. You changed who I am.

For better, that is. I have never had so much love in my heart for anyone except for you. Charlotte, you were a part of me that I will always hold onto.

If you were here and if you were growing into a young woman, I would guide you and not only be your mother, but your best friend.

I would teach you how to ride your bike and tell you that it is okay to fall down sometimes if you have the strength to get back up and try again.

Open the door for a stranger. Carry someone’s groceries. Ask people how they are and how their day is going. (Be patient if they tell you their life story)

It is okay to cry. But know when it is time to fix a mistake or change your outlook on a certain situation.

Always keep an open mind. Accept all others and love them unconditionally. Don’t let the negatives get you down.. just change the negatives to positives.

Protect your heart.. but still love. Don’t close people out. There are mean people in this world. The only thing you can do about it is to not let it effect you. Show them kindness and hopefully they will be kind. (hopefully…) Your first heartbreak will seem like the end of the world, like you will never love someone else. That is not true. Your relationship ended because he was not the right man for you, the one is coming. Be patient.

Most importantly, love yourself. Embrace who you are and never change for anyone. Be kind. Patient. Charismatic. Loving. Beautiful. Have a kind soul.

With all my love,



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