How do we walk away from a relationship with dignity?

This is a hard topic. After a serious relationship, we are expected to be okay and go on as we were before that relationship. It doesn’t work like that. Whether you ended the relationship or not, you still lost the person you called your best friend for however long you were with him/her. It isn’t easy losing a best friend. You go from talking every day for years and then after one day. Nothing. No contact. There is no easy part to dealing with a breakup. It sucks.

In my situation. I was with someone for just over two years. Everything was going great and then he changes his mind.

“I don’t want a girlfriend” —- Okay.. should have mentioned that a long time ago.

“I am not ready to commit to a relationship right now” —- What was he doing for the past two years?

“I want more alone time.” —- Alone time = Video Games

These excuses are absolutely ridiculous. People may say I am jumping to conclusions but I am not. I went through hell for this imbecile of a boy. (I say boy because he acts like a child) He put me through things that no young woman should have to go through. What I went through is a huge topic so I am going to save that for another post.

Back to my point. How do we find the strength to walk away, holding our head high with dignity?

We need to realize that everything happens for a reason. Something better is going to come along when we are better for ourselves. Loving yourself is so important before jumping into a relationship. We need to know who we are as individuals before we blend our life with another person.

Stay Strong and hold your head high.

Walk with dignity.