Finding What You Are Looking For

The key thing to finding what you are looking for, is to stop looking. It will come to you without warning and that is what makes life so great. The unexpected happens when we least expect it. Love comes out of no where. Loving a man or a woman.. It surprises you. In just one day, you can fall so deep in love without even knowing it. When it hits you, it feels amazing. It is what you have been waiting for forever. Your past and heartaches have been forgotten and your heart is just consumed with love. It is the most amazing thing. All of a sudden, the darkness turns to light. The light then turns to a kaleidoscope of color in which we see the world. The world can be dark. But it is only dark if you let it be that way. It doesn’t have to. The world is has pain, heartache, violence, and hurt. But the world also has sun, light, love, happiness, joy, beauty. It is whether you go out and find it or stay how you are.. in the dark. Life and love is such a better way to live. It is the best way to stay happy and bright. Love is the answer and without all of the pressures we have around us, we need to respond and react to the love we have. It is worth it to be happy. Just stop and look around you. Know your surroundings and embrace yourself and the world will come to you.



Digging Deep and Finding Who You Are

For my first post, why not get a little personal? Life is not easy, we walk around every day, just going through the motions. Are we actually living or are we waiting to die? To live, is to remain alive. To live is also defined as making one’s home in a particular place or with a particular person. I disagree with the fact that living is being home in a particular place and with a particular person. Humans need diversity, we need to go out and live a life that we won’t regret when we are 80 years old looking back on our lives. This world has so many opportunities that we need to go out and do the things we want. Whatever you love, do it. No matter what it is. People will discourage you, they won’t believe that you can achieve your goals but let that negative energy fuel your passion. You are the only one stopping you from achieving your goals.

It’s time to live. It’s time to make our mark.

Hello Readers!

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My name is Emilee and on my blog, you will see personal posts, advice posts, art posts, and some DIY tips. I am very passionate with anything that has to do with art and being creative. I love helping and giving great advice to those who need help with anything. On my blog, you might see some steamy posts about love, sex, and relationships. Life is full of ups and downs and there is so much that we go through. Life is hard, and my blog will be all about making life better and fun!

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